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Hello from "Bacon by the Box!".....
Welcome to our client testimonial's page. At "Bacon by the Box" we always welcome feedback from clients as this helps us improve our products and service on an ongoing basis. This also helps us build a trusted reputation and gives prospective customers the knowledge that other people have previously been more than satisfied.
Thanks for taking the time to help us help you!

We had the turkey crown with visiting family last week and it was excellent. We've also tried the beef and ale pies, delicious and the bacon is lovely too, not at all leathery.

Elizabeth Oaten

As my name suggests, I doubted whether quality fresh meat could be brought here at the price! But I was proved wrong, admit it, and am happy to tell that as a further recommendation for bacon by the box. I had heard/read the rumours on things like Angloinfo about price, quality, transport, etc, etc. (what a 'sad world' we live in some times) but what a load of codswallop. Best quality gammon I have had in years, great value and delivered in a proper fridge van! Keep it up John and keep proving the doubters wrong!

Sceptical of Manche

John, As soon as you left after your dawn delivery this morning, we had bacon sandwiches to try-out the Clonakilty Mild Cure - it was excellent - Ta!

Ken & Phyl Appleby

Been buying from John almost from the beginning. You can not get better. Whether you have bought from ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury, you will not get better than "baconbythebox" bacon. The price is incredible and is always delivered on time with a smile. Wonderful bacon with a wonderful service. Highly recommended.

Chris Hosea

Can recommend products which I do!! Pies, cheese, bacon and black puddings are the favourites with us. All very nice and tasty. Regularly order from you since our first time. Delivery is also a great asset. Thank you

Jackie near Guilberville

Fab service, all very fresh, great Meat & Pies are deep & very meaty..

Maria Kirkbride

Faultless service, delivery as quoted. Everything in our order was exceptional quality and taste. The back bacon is absolutely delicious. Will definitely be ordering again. Thank you so much for offering this service.


From my recent order, having now sampled the Traditional sausages, Bacon and Gammon, I can confirm the product is top quality and delicious. Will not hesitate to use again in the future.


Full marks from me for the very tasty smoked back bacon. Have yet to try our gammon, but my friend has and was delighted. She said that it reminded her of gammon from the olden days, with real taste and lovely texture. So glad we have found Bacon by the Box. Im sure that we will be regular customers for many years to come. The delivery service is in itself a godsend. Many thanks John.

Mary Culver

Great bacon. No more buying in Tescos.

Mr P Montbray

Happy to have just placed my second order and already salivating at the thought of the bacon butty I shall have seconds after delivery! The quality of the bacon is superb. Don't hesitate; just order now!


Hi John, have tried your bacon, sausages, pasties and cream, ab fab! I tell everyone who will listen to order from you, this saves asking all our friends having to go shopping for us in England. Thank you for providing this wonderful service.


Bacon and Gammon arrived in chiller van and both look very lean and well dated, tried a bacon Bap straight away Yummy. Can highly recommend.

Tony Hill Plemet

I love all your stuff and buy it on a regular basis, but when you told me you did " Curried Chicken Pies " Well I could`nt wait !

I was NOT disapointed ! I so missed them since moving to France. So hope you can add them to my weekly order PLEASE ?

Glynis Habin

I said I would give you my opinion re sausages and the cheese.As you will know I had a box of Butcher's sausages and a box of traditional.Well you said you adore the traditional,well so do I.The others are ok but not as good as the Trad's.The mature cheddar is just fantastic too.No more 500 km trips to Tesco/Asda for the fresh shop,I will stick with you.Thanks for the wonderful service.

Frances Hook

I was completely pleased and delighted with our Turkey, Rib Beef and all the other items we ordered from you. We shall be ordering again. Thank you

Elaine Green

If it's good enough for Frances Hook then it's good enough for all of us choral brethren!!!

Frances Hook says...

I served your cocktail sausages to my French guests with the apritif and they loved them! Fried, blotted off the excess fat, then while hot tossed them in honey and grainy mustard, gorgeous!


Just had a Bacon By The Box Christmas breakfast, bacon, sausages, black pudding... For my French family, delicious! Thanks John!


Just had my order delivered in a proper refrigerated van and the bacon and gammon. Was really good and at the right price. Will use your company all the time for fresh bacon. Thanks for a really good service


Just had the T bone steak for dinner tonight, Melted in the mouth, excellent can recommend it. better than french beef any day. will be ordering more tried it on our French friends who enjoyed it but puzzled by it's looks never seen T bone steak before.

Thank you

Andy, Manche

Love the steaks


Met John at the Angloinfo expo at Dinan a few weeks back,but I had already placed my order a few days before.A delivery day was fixed and John confirmed the actual time the evening before the due date.He arrived with my box of smoked back bacon at 0830.At 0900 it was in the pan and a few minutes later tested and tasted..All I can say is that it is wonderful.The only thing I now have to do is pack it into smaller bags ang get it into the freezer.The price is good,the product is good and the service is excellent.Thanks John ,you will be coming back this way again.

Mr A (near Dinan)

Thank you for the delivery. The only problem with it so far is that both the cheese and the sausages do not seem to keep very well! I put them in my fridge and they were eaten far too quickly, so think I will personally have to order more next time ☺I've already been told that the pork was delicious but haven't got round to eating ours yet. Look forward to our next one.


The Gammon joint was SUPERB. Your sausages were the best ever and your bacon was delicious. I would like a box of unsmoked bacon and a box of smoked. Thanks. Would be interested in cheddar cheese please ? the mature


Thought we would try sausages and black pudding with our Xmas order, I can recommend both these items from John. I am looking forward to trying the cheddar as soon as John get some. Keep up the good work John

Tony Hill

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