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At "Bacon By The Box" we always welcome feedback from clients as this helps us improve our products and service on an ongoing basis. This also helps us build a trusted reputation and gives prospective customers the knowledge that other people have previously been more than satisfied.
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What about customs duty?

There are no customs charges or hidden costs. The full cost of your order is displayed in your cart at checkout.

How can I check the upcoming delivery schedule?

The upcoming delivery schedule can be found on the Order Deadline & Delivery Dates page, located on the main menu.

We deliver to France weekly and Belgium and Luxembourg Monthly. Please check the following page for details.

What countries do you deliver to?

We currently deliver refrigerated and dry products to France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Is there a minimum order quantity or value?

There is no minimum order quantity.

Orders below €150 incur a small order charge.


How much do you charge for delivery?

There is no extra charge for delivery. The price displayed on the website is the total cost, delivered to your door. There are no extra or hidden charges of any kind.

There is a sliding scale of charges for orders below €150. These are detailed in your shopping cart

Can I freeze my produce when it arrives?

Yes. All the produce we supply, except the cottage cheese, is fresh and suitable for freezing when you receive it.

My package didn't come in a refrigerated van?

Chronopost use isothermic boxes in the vans that are not refrigerated. The cold chain is maintained and monitored at all times.

My parcel arrived with damaged goods. What to do?

If your parcel arrives and the contents is damaged, please send us an email so that we can rectify the matter.

If we need to replace products or issue a refund for damaged goods, we need the following:

  • Detailed description on the issue including information on the damaged items.
  • Photos of the outside (showing the waybill) and inside (with the goods inside) of the parcel.
  • Photos of the damaged items.
What are small order charges?

All orders below €150 carry a small order charge which is based on a sliding scale.
 Order value: €0 – €49.99 
Small order charge: €14.95
 Order value: €50 – €99.99
Small order charge: € 9.95
 Order value: €100 – €149.99 
Small order charge: €5.95

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Delivery of orders start 12 days after the close of customers’ orders, which is every Thursday
at midnight.

Can I make product changes to my order?

Product changes can be made to orders, as long as these are made before the order
deadline. Please e-mail orders@baconbythebox.com with the changes you would like
to make.

Can I postpone my order?

Please note, once an order has been placed and paid for, we cannot postpone the order for later delivery as the week originally specified. If you cannot receive your delivery and need to cancel your order, this will incur a cancellation fee of 5% of the value of the order. 

ChronoFresh allows customers to postpone their delivery within the week of delivery.  This can be done via the ChronoFresh tracking app (https://www.chronopost.fr/en/private/track-your-parcel). 

What is the shelf life on fresh products?

The shelf life on fresh goods from the start of delivery, is:

Clotted cream – about 28 days

Double cream & whipping cream – about 5 – 7 days

Cheddar cheese – 3 weeks plus

Soft cheese – about 2 weeks

Clonakilty pork sausages – about 1 week

Bacon & gammon – about 3 – 4 weeks

Beef – about 2 weeks

Lamb – about 2 weeks

Pork – about 2 weeks

Pies – about 1 week

Black & white puddings – 3 weeks to 1½ months

Chicken – about 1 week

Turkey crown – about 9 days

Cottage cheese – about 1 week

Refrigerated Delivery
From Ireland with Love

All produce is transported and stored to the highest standards in certified vehicles and conform to international requirements to ensure you receive meats of the quality you expect!

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