Explore our range, including the iconic Clonakilty sausages and a variety of British favourites. Simple, tasty, and delivered with care – that's our promise to you. Ready to order your batch of British and Irish sausages online? Why not add some Irish Pudding and Bacon to your order for the full traditional breakfast experience. Shop now and bring home the authentic taste you've been craving!

Clonakilty Black Pudding Sausages 1 x 2kg

Order now and bring home the bold flavours of Clonakilty Black Pudding Sausages! Perfect for any meal, these sausages effortlessly blend the richness of…

Clonakilty Butchers Style Irish Sausages 1 x 1kg

15 Clonakilty Butchers sausages per 1kg pack. Discover the goodness of our mildly spiced butcher-style pork sausages from renowned brand, Clonakilty. Now shipping to most European…

Clonakilty Cocktail Irish Sausages 1 x 1kg

70 Clonakilty Cocktail sausages per 1kg pack. Our traditional Clonakilty Sausage recipe in cocktail form. Made with 100% Irish Pork and can be frozen…

Clonakilty Irish Pork Sausages (380g x 10 per box)

Ready to elevate your meals with Clonakilty Irish Pork Sausages? They are perfect for frying, grilling or integrating with your favourite recipes.…

Clonakilty Standard “Ispíní” Sausages 1kg x 1

35 Clonakilty Standard “Ispíní” Sausages per 1kg pack. No need to travel to Ireland for an authentic taste of Clonakilty Ispini sausages. We bring it to…

Clonakilty Traditional Irish Sausages 1 X 1kg

16 Clonakilty Traditional Sausages per 1kg pack. The very best of traditional Irish sausages from the highly-renowned brand, Clonakilty. Traditional Irish pork sausages made…

Lisduggan Farm Garlic & Leek Sausages 1kg

Lisduggan Farm garlic & leek 1 kg…

Lisduggan Farm Gourmet Sausage 1kg x (12 per pack Cumberland Style sausage)

Lisduggan Farm Gourmet Sausage very similar to a Cumberland sausage…

Lisduggan Farm Irish Breakfast Sausage 1kg

Lisduggan Farm Irish Breakfast Sausage 1 KG Pack…

Lisduggan Farm Irish Cocktail Sausage 1kg

Lisduggan Farm Irish cocktail Sausage 1 KG Pack…

Lisduggan Farm Pork and Black Pudding Sausages 1kg

lisduggan pork and blackpudding sausages 1 kg…

Lisduggan Farm Sausage Meat 1kg

Irish Sausage Meat in a 1kg pack. This premium sausage meat is a versatile - perfect for homemade sausage rolls, stuffing and so much more.…