Preserves & Spreads

Introducing our Preserves & Spreads selection, featuring beloved British and Irish brands such as Wexford Preserves, Chef, Fruitfield, and Marmite. From fruity jams to creamy spreads, our collection offers a delightful range of flavours to elevate your breakfast or snack time. Shipping now available to most European countries from our Irish headquarters, you can enjoy these delicious treats no matter where you are.

Fruitfield Old Time Thick Cut Marmalade 454g

Fruitfield's finest fruit experts work with an enduring passion for preparing Ireland's favourite marmalades since as far back as 1853. The secret for success is…

Fruitfield Original Old Time Fine Cut Marmalade 454g

The Fruitfield and Old Time Irish Marmalade recipes can be traced all the way back to 1886 when the Lamb Brothers started making Jams &…

Marmite Original 250g

"You either love it or hate it" - Marmite Original in a convenient 250g jar. A beloved British classic, Marmite is known for its unique…

Tesco Whole Baby Sweet Beetroot In Vinegar 340g

Product Description Whole baby beetroot pickled in sweetened spirit vinegar. Our whole baby pickled beetroot has been GROWN AND PICKED IN BRITAIN with a sweet…

Wexford Home Preserves Irish Apple Chutney – 210g

Our Irish Apple Chutney is made in our batch kitchen in New Ross. The sweetness from the apples combined with the sharpness from the onions…

Wexford Home Preserves Irish Red Onion Relish – 210g

Our handmade caramelised red onion relish is made from onions specially sourced from Co Cork. It is perfectly tangy and is delicious with sharp cheddar cheese…

Wexford Home Preserves Irish Tomato Relish – 200g

Our Irish Tomato Relish has a slightly more Mediterranean taste compared to our more traditional chutneys. It is set with pectin from Irish apples and…

Wexford Home Preserves Luxury Cranberry Sauce – 210g

Our luxury cranberry sauce is made with lovely juicy cranberries and has the perfect amount of sweetness. It compliments any cheese or roast meats deliciously…

Wexford Home Preserves Luxury Orange & Honey Ham Glaze – 230g

Our Luxury Orange and Honey Ham Glaze is made with all-natural ingredients in our kitchen in Wexford. It’s a perfect addition to a traditional baked…