Introducing the very best of Irish Lamb. Irish Lamb is very tender with a fairly mild flavour. It is a great choice for a Sunday roast, whether you're planning to cook a leg of lamb, chops or shanks - your Bacon by the Box delivery won't disappoint. Have any questions? Feel free to get in touch before placing your order.

Lisduggan Farm Lamb Chops 500g

lisduggan farm Lamb chops  500g…

Lisduggan Farm Lamb Leg Chops 500g

lisduggan farm  Lamb   leg  chops  500 g…

Lisduggan Farm Lamb Shanks Minted 2 or 3 per kg

Indulge in the succulent taste of our Minted Lamb Shanks. Our Irish Lamb Shanks are sourced from a trusted farm - Lisduggan Farm, where quality…

Lisduggan Farm Leg of Lamb

21.95 43.85
Introducing the exquisite taste of our Irish Leg of Lamb, a premium choice that is perfect for Sunday lunch/dinner. Sourced from Lisduggan Farm, located in…

Lisduggan Farm Rolled Shoulder of Lamb 1.4kg

Delicious 1.4kg Rolled Shoulder of Lamb – Perfect for Roasting.…

Lisduggan Farm Shoulder of Lamb with Mint 1kg

Discover the beautiful taste of our Shoulder of Lamb with Mint (1kg). Sourced from a local farm for its quality and tenderness, this Irish lamb…