Satisfy your sweet tooth with our delightful Desserts collection, featuring iconic British and Irish treats such as Bird's Custard, Ambrosia Rice Pudding, and Chivers Jelly. Perfect for rounding off any meal or enjoying as a comforting snack. From creamy custards to velvety rice puddings and fruity jellies, our selection of desserts promises to bring a taste of home to your table, wherever you may be.

Ambrosia Ready To Eat Devon Custard 4 X 125G

Ambrosia Ready To Eat Devon Custard 4 X 125G…

Ambrosia Rice Pudding 150g x (6 pack)

Introducing the creamy & delicious Ambrosia Rice Pudding.…

Ambrosia Rice Pudding 400g

Craving Ambrosia Rice Pudding? Enjoy it wherever you are - order online and we will ship directly to you whether you are located in France,…

Birds Custard Powder Tin 350g

Original custard powder from Bird's! A classic British dessert essential, our custard powder delivers velvety, smooth custard with a rich, vanilla flavour.…