Glenilen Farm Clotted Cream 155g x 6 per box

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Traditionally associated with Devon and Cornwall, clotted cream could be called ‘double-double cream’. It is very rich at 60% fat but very delicious. Lusciously silky smooth clotted cream, rich taste and colour comes from both the special cooking method and the grass fed diet of the West Cork cows who supply the milk for the cream.

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Please note that the shelf life of the cream is about 35 days from being produced, and about 28 days from the date of delivery to customers.

The cream can be frozen but must be defrosted slowly preferably by leaving it in the fridge.

Our clotted cream is made using fresh, local milk from grass-fed cows.

Nutritional information per 100g:
Calories – 555kcal
Fat – 60g
Carbs – 2.3g
Sugar – 2.3g
Protein – 1.6g

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