Macroom Buffalo Buffaloumi 180g

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Macroom Buffalo Buffaloumi is produced in Ireland and is well suited to grilling amongst other uses.

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  • Macroom Buffalo Buffaloumi is produced in Ireland
  • 100% Water Buffalo Milk | Gluten Free | Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Macroom Buffalo Cheese Products’ Cypriot Style Grilling Cheese is a delicious firm cheese that holds its shape well when grilled and yet remains ‘squeaky’ soft.
  • As a result of the Buffalo Milk used to make this cheese, the flavour is earthy and sweet.
  • Buffalo cheese not your preference? Explore all of our cheese options.

About Macroom Buffalo Cheese

  • Macroom Buffalo Cheese Products produces a range of market-leading cheese in a state-of-the-art production facility on their farm in West Cork.
  • Under the supervision of Sean Ferry, the renowned cheese maker, Macroom Buffalo consistently leads the Irish market in national and international awards.
  • Each day fresh Water Buffalo Milk is taken to produce fresh cheese on the family farm.
  • Macroon Buffalo Cheese Products produces a variety of cheeses including Mozzarella, Ricotta, Greek Style Cheese, Burrata and Cypriot Style Grilling Cheese.
  • All Irish, vegetarian and 100% natural cheese, totally free from any artificial additives, colouring or preservatives. 

Buffalo Milk, Vegetarian Rennet, Salt, Lactic Acid