Lisduggan Farm Irish Beef Braising Steak 1kg

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Irish Beef Braising Steak 1kg sourced for its quality and marbling. This braising steak promises a perfect balance of tenderness and flavour. Ideal for slow cooking, braising, or simmering to perfection – Whether you’re crafting comforting beef stews, beef casseroles, or beef curries, this 1kg Beef Braising Steak is the key to creating that iconic dish.

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  • Hand selected from Lisduggan Farm ensuring you get the best quality with every order.
  • Irish cattle are grass-fed, contributing to the tenderness and richness of the beef. This traditional farming method enhances the flavour profile of the Braising Steak.
  • Perfect for slow cooking, braising, or simmering, allowing you to explore a variety of flavourful dishes.
  • View our delivery schedule for France, Belgium and Luxembourg – Be sure to place your order before the deadline to be included in the next dispatch.
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